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Seeking opportunity to work in architectural design + drafting under a licensed architect

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To The Prospective Design Firm,

I am enthusiastic to pursue an architectural career with a local firm. I have an unquenchable passion for design and feel inspired to leave my mark on the built environment. With wisdom gained only by trying, failing and succeeding at many endeavors; and the unique, nuanced skills and knowledge to show for it, I will add insight, productivity and momentum to any team. I have a range of experience: from architectural and landscape design, construction drawing, carpentry and woodworking, to business management, graphic design, websites and many additional marketing functions. I have no doubt I’d be a great addition to your firm.

When I was 16 I started a landscaping company and continued building that business as an undergraduate at Norwich University. I poured years of effort and sacrifice into the venture, and received the dividends of personal growth and self-discipline as a result. After a decade of landscape design-build projects, I liquidated the company assets, subbed and sold the remaining contracts in pursuit of my architectural passion.

In 2013 I was a team member for the Associated Schools of Construction competition. The mission was to present and deliver a design-bid proposal for a 42,000-square foot recreational facility, complete with construction drawings, renderings, and energy models, all within a 30 hour window. I walked away with an attitude of persistence and a greater appreciation for accurate, timely deliverables.
I also hold an AIAVT Excellence in Architecture Award (2014) for my contribution to the “Archistream” project: a semester-long team project to convert a 1969’ Airstream Globetrotter into a state-of-the-art mobile art gallery. This piece was featured in a number of exhibits throughout the US.

I have 2+ years experience in graphic design and marketing, where I facilitated website, email, print, and social media design and marketing for two different companies. Desiring a deeper understanding of construction methods, I spent 2 years working with 3 different contractors on residential and commercial projects. After earning a Masters degree in architecture (2021) I bolstered this understanding with Wiemann Lamphere Architects, where I honed skills in Revit producing technical drawings on a variety of project types. I’m excited to learn more about your practice and show you what I can bring to the table.

Contact: Nevin Leary
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