Emerging Professionals

Vermont EPN Director: Chi Nguyen, Associate AIA. Email Chi

The Emerging Professionals Network of Vermont is a component of AIA Vermont.  The EPN serves local emerging professionals by representation on the AIA Vermont Board of Directors, while in turn educating members about important developments within the design and construction industry.  The EPN also serves a larger purpose by organizing events and projects that bring together students, young designers and experienced architects, in order to promote architecture and good design in our community.


Meetups & Discussions:

2012-Present: An ongoing series of social meetings happen throughout the state.  These occur, more often than not at local breweries. If you would like to organize your own meetup or find ones near you contact us via e-mail or Facebook. 

Architecture & Design Film Series: Adfilmseries.org

2013-Present: Monthly Film Screenings and discussions in both Burlington, VT and Brattleboro, VT.  The film series engages, provokes and inspires the Vermont community by exploring the impact and importance of design and beauty in our lives. AIAVT and its EPN co-sponsor these events.

Annual Design Competition:

An annual design competition organized by EPN VT challenges emerging professionals living or working in New England states. 

2022: Coming Soon!

2019: "Live & Unplugged"- Students, Young Professionals and Experienced Architects competed to design a future Hinesburg as a net zero community. This event was held simultaneously at Middlebury College and Norwich University.

2018: "Live & Unplugged" - Artistic installation that encourages the connection between two cultural locations - Analog Charrette style competition

2017: "Live & Unplugged" - New light rail station that promotes alternative transportation options - Analog Charrette style competition

2016: "Live & Unplugged" - Mixed-use, seasonally adaptive, outdoor event venue - Analog Charrette style competition

2015: "Town Meeting Hall" - How can architecture encourage voter turnout and engagement in local issues? - Submission style competition

2014: "Engaging the Public LIbrary" - A redefinition of the modern library and how space can inform its identity - Submission style competition

2013: "Farm-to-Fork Stand" - Practical and symbolic center for the promotion of local food systems  - Submission style competition

People's Choice Awards Pavilion
2012: EPN VT coordinated the design, construction and operation of the AIA New England People's Choice Awards pavilion at the BCA Firehouse gallery.   

We are excited to continue these community building endeavors and look forward to collaborating with you.  

Educational Lectures & Presentations:

2018: 2-Part Rendering & Technology Series - Revit, Rendering, and Emerging Technologies in Architecture

ARE Resources:

- AIAVT members are encouraged to reach out to our State Licensing Advisor, David Mentzer, for help with the licensing process. To be connected with David, please email our Executive Director, at sarah.odonnell@ aiavt.org

- Prep classes and study sessions co-hosted by experts on ARE topics

- Various study guides and materials available to AIAVT members at no cost - email sarah.odonnell@ aiavt.org to request materials. Our current study materials library includes:

PPI2Pass Print Bundle

  • ARE 5.0 Exam Review book
  • ARE 5.0 Flash Cards
  • ARE 5.0 Mock Exams book
  • ARE 5.0 Practice Questions book

Brightwood Architecture Education

  • ARE 5.0 Practice Management Study Guide (PcM)
  • ARE 5.0 Project Management Study Guide (PjM)
  • ARE 5.0 Programming & Analysis Study Guide (PA)
  • ARE 5.0 Project Planning & Design (PPD)
  • ARE 5.0 Project Development & Documentation (PDD) 
  • ARE 5.0 Construction Evaluation Study Guide (CE)

Architects’ Handbook of Professional Practice (AHPP) 15th Edition, The American Institute of Architects

The Architect's Studio Companion: Rules of Thumb for Preliminary Design 6th Edition, Francis D K Ching

Building Construction Illustrated, 5th Edition, Francis D K Ching

NCARB Practice Exams are Now Free

Six free Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) practice exams—one for each division—are now available to all licensure candidates.

To access the free practice exams if you don’t have active exam eligibilities, simply log in to your NCARB Record

AIAVT EPN Virtual Study Spaces

Alongside a materials library, EPN has also set up a new virtual program called Study Spaces which connects EP’s studying for exam divisions via an online collaboration room where members can chat, send emails, ask questions and share resources in preparation for taking the AREs. If you or someone you know is interested in joining a Study Space, please email the EPN Director at aiavt.ep@gmail.com. 

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