Founded in 1948, AIA Vermont is a state chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

Object Statement

The objects of this Chapter shall be to promote and forward the objects of The American Institute of Architects within the assigned territory of this Chapter. (The Institute objects are: to organize and unite in fellowship the members of the architectural profession; to promote the aesthetic, scientific and practical efficiency of the profession; to advance the science and art of planning and building by advancing the standards of architectural education, training and practice; to coordinate the building industry and the profession of architecture to insure the advancement of the living standards of people through their improved environment; and to make the profession of ever-increasing service to society.)

AIAVT Bylaws, Policies and Strategic Plan

This pdf file includes our current bylaws.

This pdf file includes antitrust guidelines and potential antitrust violations organizations such as AIA must avoid.

In October of 2022, AIAVT's Board of Directors approved The 2023-2027 Strategic Plan, and also created a single page version which can be seen here.

AIAVT Committees

AIAVT has three different committee types: Executive Committee, Continuing Programs, and Ad Hoc. Please see below for descriptions and committee participation eligibility information. Board and committee meeting minutes are available upon request by contacting AIAVT's Executive Director, Sarah O Donnell

AIAVT's Continuing Programs Committees:
  • Public Policy: Our public policy committee is on the front lines, engaging with the issues that impact the architectural profession by working strategically with Vermont State Government to advocate on behalf of AIA Vermont's members. Committee Chair: John Alden, AIA, Scott & Partners. Committee Members: Sandy Vitzhum, Eric Morrow, Donna Leban, Bob Duncan, Nathalia Ellis, Shawn Brennan, Michael Chaucer, Tom Bursey.
  • Committee On the Environment (COTE): COTE is involved in the planning and execution of the AIANE COTE Summit, held in 2017 in Vermont. This committee also acts as an advisory group to other New England chapters when they host the annual summit. Committee Chair: Kevin Trout, Scott + Partners; Committee Members: Donna Leban, Jim Williams, Jonathan Miller, Heather Bourgeois, Matthew Bernhardt, Karen Bushey.
  • EDI & Membership: AIA Vermont's Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and membership committee formed to better serve our members, as well as the public in an equitable and inclusive way. Committee Chair: Taryn Barrett, AIA, Duncan Wisniewski Architecture. Committee Members: Nathalia Ellis, Eleanor D'Aponte.
  • Scholarships & Awards: Previously two separate committees, the Scholarships and Awards Committee was combined in 2019 to serve two aspects of the chapter's mission: to review scholarship and grant applications for AIAVT's various awards, and to assist with the planning of the Annual Design Awards, including the coordination and facilitation of the entries, guest jury, and the annual awards event each fall. Committee Co-Chairs:  Jeff Stetter, AIA, Pella, Ryan Edwards, AIA, Edwards & Co; Committee members: Jeff McBride, Ben Buglovsky.
  • EPN: The Emerging Professionals Network (EPN) serves local emerging professionals by representation on the AIA Vermont Board of Directors, while in turn educating members about important developments within the design and construction industry.  The EPN also serves a larger purpose by organizing events and projects that bring together students, young designers and experienced architects, in order to promote architecture and good design in our community. EPN Director: Andres Gutierrez, Int'l Assoc. AIA.
Ad Hoc Programs and Events Committees:
  • Scholarship Fundraising Committee:The AIAVT Scholarship Fundraising Committeeplans and executes the Annual Guy Teschmacher Memorial Golf Tournament as an annual fundraising event for AIAVT's scholarship programs. The tournament takes place each fall at one of VT's premier golf courses. Chair: Catherine Lange, AIA, Freeman French Freeman. Committee Members: Diem-Chi Nguyen, Joel Page, Peter Kelley, Tom Bursey.
Ad Hoc Committees:
  • Corporate Governance: The Corporate Governance Committee reviews and makes recommendations for updates to AIAVT's essential documents as needed, including but not limited to: the Chapter Bylaws, Employee Manual, and Board Manual. Committee Member: Taryn Barrett
Board & ExCom:
  • Executive Committee: The business of this chapter is managed by the Executive Committee, which is composed of the officers of this chapter. Executive Committee members are nominated members of the AIAVT board. A list of the AIAVT officers can be found here.
  • Board of Directors: AIAVT's Board works to set the strategic agenda of the organization, and provide oversight and direction to committees and staff. Board nominations happen annually in the fall, with the new slate of board members approved by a vote of the membership at the AIAVT Annual Meeting and Design Awards event (typically in December). A full list of board members and officers can be found here.

What Committees Am I Eligible to Be a Part Of?

  • AIAVT Architect and Associate Members may serve on any of the above committees once approved to do so by ExCom.
  • AIAVT Allied members, once approved by Excom, may serve on any of the above committees except for the Executive Committee. Allied Members may attend and speak but may not make motions or vote at any meeting of this Chapter. Allied Members are not eligible to serve as an officer or to chair a committee of this Chapter, but may serve as an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors of this Chapter, only as specifically allowed in Article 6 of the AIAVT Bylaws.

What Is the Process for Joining a Committee?

To join one of the committees listed above:

  1. Please email AIAVT's Executive Director, Sarah O Donnell, noting which committee you are interested in joining.
  2. The ED will then forward the names of interested persons to the Executive Committee for approval.
  3. Once approved, the ED will connect you with the current committee chair and members, ensure that you are added to the appropriate email lists and inform you of the standing meeting day and time.