2005 AIAVT Excellence in Architecture Design Awards

Gossens Bachman Architects

Honor Award: Weedon Gazebo, Central Vermont

The Jury was won by the completeness of the conception and execution of this project. They thought that “there is a directness and attention to detail that is appropriate” and “for all its complexity” and “fussiness” up close, it does sit peacefully in the landscape.”

Birdseye Design, Brian Mac, AIA

Honor Award: Private Residence, Renovation and Additions

The Jury thought, “the existing building seemed so dated but with some pretty simple moves (and a lot of new materials) the building is totally transformed.” The Jury “ applauded the owners for not opting out and moving to a new lot or totally tearing down the existing building. The project is stronger as a transformation then it would have been as new construction.”

Bread Loaf Corporation

Honor Award: Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Center for Elderly Services, Middlebury, VT

The Jury thought that this project “has a timeless quality, that is, you can’t tell if it was built a year ago or a hundred years ago – which is a VERY hard thing to achieve. It is hard to keep a balance without tripping into nostalgia and the project holds the line well.”

Gossens Bachman Architects

Citation: The Riverstation Offices in Montpelier, VT

The Jury commented that there was “honesty and directness of the massing and materials. It has a train shed quality, which seems appropriate for it’s site.” “The form itself is very simple - the Architects seemed to have accepted that so that more emphasis could go into the detailing and facade.”

LineSync Architecture

Honorable Mention: Niederhoffer Capital Management, Inc. of New York City

The Jury “liked the emphasis on the ceilings as they reinforced the space and the fluidity of the plan. The circulation did have a path feel in a unique way – there was an appreciation of the skill in making both path and place in a way that you don’t often see when you have such a formal system of proportioning.”

Gossens Bachman Architects

Honorable Mention: Waterfront Housing, Burlington, VT

The Jury thought that the Architects were “very successful in breaking down the scale of a five story building” and the “play of materials and forms adds great visual interest.”

The Jury

The Jury was a distinguished panel of Architects from the Virginia Society of Architects/AIA.