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How AIAVT Is Advocating for You

Advocacy in state government on behalf of our profession is a top priority for AIAVT. The AIAVT Public Policy Committee [PPC] continuously tracks relevant bills, interfaces with representatives in the State House, and submits written and oral testimony in support of AIAVT policy positions.

The Vermont Legislature is constantly taking on issues that directly affect our membership, such as the creation of a contractor registry, Act 250 reforms, and support for affordable housing construction. We also continue to advocate for a Statute of Repose to give architects a reasonable level of protection from unwarranted lawsuits; a Good Samaritan Law to protect volunteers who want to help our communities in the aftermath of a natural disaster; and proper enforcement and oversight of our increasingly stringent building and energy codes.

Visit the PPC Resources page to read previously issued PPC Position Statements and learn how you can connect with our Congressional delegation.

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Contribute to AIAVT’s Advocacy Efforts

The AIAVT Strategic Plan emphasizes our goal to advocate for the profession, and enlisting the support of a lobbyist in Montpelier is vital to this effort. A lobbyist will amplify our voice in the legislature, empowering us to more effectively influence public policy that affects the architectural profession.

To support this effort, we are launching a One Billable Hour campaign, and ask all AIAVT members and Vermont Architects to contribute an amount equal to one billable hour of your time. With everyone’s participation, we will be much better positioned to achieve our goal and strengthen our advocacy efforts, which will benefit all of us. Learn more from our flyer, "Strengthening Our Advocacy Efforts".

Please give today by making a donation using the button below, or send a check payable to AIA Vermont to 47 Maple St. Suite 211B, Burlington, VT 05401.