2004 AIAVT Excellence in Architecture Design Awards

William Maclay Architects & Planners

Honor Award: NRG Manufacturing Facility

Jury: Breaks out from the model of the typical metal industrial box. Becomes almost a Victorian mill transplanted in to a rural landscape. It is an amazing facade, particularly at night. Not your typical industrial site and the site manipulations have done much to enhance the project. The internal organization of the building uses the slope quite intelligently. Well thought out - so few industrial buildings reach this level of sophistication.

Gossens Bachman Architects

Honor Award: Private Residence

Jury: Simple, strong idea. Very convincing. A strong response of a pure abstract shape in nature. Very controlled with carefully selected connections to the land. The interiors are quite sophisticated  the modernity and simplicity are convincing
Inside and outside conditions are well expressed.

Birdseye Design

Honor Award: Artists Residence

Jury: Quite elegant site plan - the way the three little buildings work together is compelling. The inside/outside relationship works extremely well The honesty and simplicity of photos are a clear reference to Donald Judd. The buildings alone could not carry the project into an award. It is the integration of the landscape that builds it into a much more compelling project. A directness of expression that is confident without being self-conscious or kitschy. Each time the building gives way to space. You don't end up on a building; you end up in the landscape.

Gossens Bachman Architects

Honor Award: Woodbury College Addition

Jury: It is a simple gesture that does not overwhelm the existing condition.
Transparency of the wall overlooking the gallery has wonderful detailing
Beautiful proportions. Quite sophisticated with restrained gestures that make each meaningful. Something quite Swiss about the detailing. A great gallery to the school - a significant public gesture. A great thing for the school.

Design Build Studio

Citation / New Construction: Mascoma Lake House

Jury: The hovering levels are like platforms that engage all the parts of the house at the same time. Surprisingly compact. Manages to pack a great deal into the space. A bit nervous - some restraint would have gone a long way. The architecture takes care of itself.  There is something unself-conscious about it.  There is almost a discovered quality - or collage - about it.

John Anderson Studio

Citation/Renovation: The Firehouse Center for the Visual Arts

Jury: These are very controlled renovations understated. It takes talent to know when to stop. Learning to leave well enough alone. The fact that it was understated was a positive thing. A difficult project to deal with. The project is in the details. The architect respected original fire hall and kept it's integrity. 

Gossens Bachman Architects

Citation/Renovation: Kellogg Hubbard Library Addition

Jury: Connecting to and working with an existing classical language are very difficult conditions. The addition is very sympathetic to the original without aping.
A simple elegant interior that is warm at the same time. The bay element seems responsive to the original building and doing it in wood seems like the right thing to do. The addition seems to find some peace within itself. A good project and a difficult piece of architecture.

Centerline Architects

Mention: Wolfe Residence

Jury: It is a project that sits quite comfortably in it's landscape. The photo of the front of the house was one of the nicest photographs that we've seen.  It truly captures the humor in the project. It’s either incredible sophisticated or incredibly naïve, we couldn’t decide. It’s like looking at a pamphlet - a manifesto - that says" look we do architecture this way." It is a manifesto of unpretentiousness.