2012 AIAVT Excellence in Architecture Design Awards

the 2012 Call for Entries

Birdseye Design of Richmond

Cantilever House, Lake Dunmore

Honor Award

Jury comments:

This is a well done minimalist box and sometimes these approaches are hard to do well and this is done well.  The interiors are as clean and well thought out as the exterior. The designers were skilled in editing – the project has just what it needs and no more.  This home sits quietly on its site and this is reinforced with the concrete plinth it sits on.  The dark colors blend in nicely with the site and contributes to this being a more of a background building. The portfolio presented was very well done with just enough information to fully understand the building.

TruexCullins Architecture and Interior Design of Burlington

King Arthur Flour in Norwich

Merit Award

Jury Comments: The exterior is well done and the sense of arrival around the pond and meadow is pleasing and the building tucks nicely into the site – brilliant site planning. The two wings of the building create a natural courtyard. The materials and forms are harmonious with the site. The clerestory is effective in bringing light deep into the building and animating the interior spaces. This building captures the spirit of Vermont without being too referential.

LineSync Architecture of Wilmington

Lofts Studio, Wilmington

Merit Award

Jury comments:This little studio has richness that is appealing. All jurors were in agreement on the merits of this building.  It struck us as being very sophisticated in its interior details. It is an example of the carpenter ants eating the original building and then the architects regrouping and reusing  the original materials in a clever way. The presentation in the project portfolio was terrific.

Maclay Architects of Waitsfield & Scott Simons Architects of Portland, ME

Bosarge Family Education Center
Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens
Boothbay, ME


Jury comments: This is a quiet building with a lot of merit.  There is a clarity of form and the integration of the site is very good. The use of outdoor rooms provides for pleasing spaces you would want to be in.

The fact that this is a net zero building is significant. This is a simple yet elegant solution – even though it was fussed over it doesn’t feel that way.

Sellers and Co. Architects of Warren

Temple of Dindor


Jury Comments:  We were originally going to give this the Mad Scientist Award. This building has a relentless creativity that is the opposite of clean and simple. This building captures the “delight” of architecture and reminds us a lot of what we’ve seen at Prickley Mountain many years back. It’s almost like being in the belly of a great old boat and who wouldn’t want to work in this place.

Freeman French Freeman of Burlington

Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, Burlington

Special Category: Historic Preservation

Jury Comments:   We were really impressed with the level of thought and care given to the restoration of this theater. The few new interventions seemed to be totally in keeping with the quality of the original building and are almost seamless. This is a spectacular restoration that was done exceedingly well and it allows you to walk back in time when you enter the lobby. A lot of skill was involved in making repairs that don’t appear to be repairs.

Robert Peabody Brown AIA, Architect of St. Johnsbury

Downing Chapel, Lyndonville

 People's Choice Award

This selection was made by the general public viewing all Entries.

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