Employment/Seeking Employment Listings

Employment Opportunities

  • Listings regarding employment opportunities are free to AIAVT Members. Please submit using the form below.
  • Listings regarding employment opportunities are available to non-AIAVT Members for a fee of $110 for 60 days per position. Please make a payment here and fill out the form below.
  • Please Note: positions for non-licensed individuals may not use the word architect or its derivative. Use “designer,”  “draftsperson,”  “project manager,” etc.

Seeking Employment

Listings for individual seeking employments are free to AIAVT Architect and Associate members.

Employee Sharing

Listings for firms who are interested in talent sharing are free to AIAVT Architect and Associate members. These listings are for firms that are experiencing a downturn in work to share access to their employees with firms that need extra help. The goal is to avoid layoffs and cutbacks, and to keep employees onboard for health insurance and benefits. Please be sure that both companies discuss the details and put a legal agreement in place before entering into this type of arrangement.

Miscellaneous Jobs

Listings for short term projects or "gigs" are free. AIAVT Members as well as members of the public can post gigs or projects here when looking to hiring someone for a short term project. Examples could include seeking help to design a website, looking for an architect to help with plans for a renovation, or a small firm seeking help with CAD modeling for a project.

Employment/Seeking Employment Form