Architectural Design/ Intern (desired)

Architectural Design Intern desired

I will entertain any offer for design work, be it full or part time, an internship paid or unpaid, design-build, or independent contract work.

I am currently seeking employment as an entry-level architectural designer or intern to satisfy the final requirement to earn a masters degree in architecture, and ultimately secure a footing for a career position with that firm.

I offer a host of unique skills and diverse experience that will bring value to any design firm. My skills span the sectors of design-bid-build, carpentry, fine woodworking, landscape design, entrepreneurship and business management, graphic design and marketing. If engineering requires a depth of knowledge in one area, architecture calls for knowledge in many. It's this multifaceted, nuanced approach that I embrace in the practice of architecture and crave more of.

I understand the utility I bring to design. I've gained the wisdom that comes only with trying, failing and succeeding at many endeavors. If I've learned anything, it's that architecture is my passion and I'm driven to leave a mark on the built environment. I'm eager to grow and expand my professional ideals under the guise of experienced architects.

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I'm excited to start the conversation,

Nevin S. Leary

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