How Do I Find the Right Architect?

A successful project requires a strong relationship between client and architect, as well as with the rest of the construction team. AIA architects know that more knowledgeable clients are more likely to fully participate in the process and enjoy the benefits of a collaborative effort.

Each architect has an individual style and a method of work. So, it's important to find an architect who is compatible with your style and needs.

Find firms with completed projects in your community that you like. Get recommendations from people you trust who have worked with architects. Membership in the AIA means that the architect subscribes to the AIA Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and has access to a variety of professional and technical resources.

Use the Find an Architect page to select AIA Vermont Architectural firms. You can contact them or visit their web sites from this page. You can contact AIA Vermont for more information on firms that interest you. AIA Vermont has information on some local architecture firms and photos of completed projects.

Call each firm, describe your project and ask if they can do it. If the office is unable to handle your project, they should be able to recommend other firms.

Interview the firms to meet the people who will design your project and to learn if the chemistry between you is right. Look for someone with whom you feel comfortable. Some architects may charge for the interview; ask if there is a fee.

Talk about a project budget and the firm’s philosophy on Initial vs. Life-Cycle costs. Discuss the range of fees that the architect anticipates for your project. Before you select an architect, ask to see some completed projects. Also, ask for references from past clients.