CBES Overview and Building Envelope Training

CBES Overview and Building Envelope Training

Date: 11/29/22 8:00 AM
Website: www.efficiencyvermont.com/events/2022/11/29/cbes-overview-and-building-envelope-training
Location: Efficiency Vermont, 20 Winooski Falls Way, 5th Floor, Winooski 05404

Join us for an overview and a closer look into building envelope requirements for VT 2020 CBES. AIA credit approval pending.

Learning objectives include:

- Compliance options for meeting the 2020 VT CBES

- Detailed information on moisture management strategies and envelope assemblies to protect against condensation and potential for fungal growth in the building, and the importance of mechanical ventilation on Indoor Air Quality

- Important key differences in the application of the 2020 VT CBES vs the 2015 version, focusing on specific assembly component considerations and options for the continuous insulation requirements of the code to mitigate condensation and mold risk. Will also mention anticipated changes with proposed 2023 CBES in rulemaking now.

- Detail on material options, and proper installation requirements for balanced ventilation systems (importance of duct design) to achieve good indoor air quality.

Contact: Bryn Oakleaf
Email: een@ efficiencyvermont.com