Mission Statement

AIA Vermont, the Vermont Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, is an organization of architectural design professionals dedicated to enhancing the quality of our built environment, and thereby the quality of life. The Chapter endeavors to bring together and serve all who are interested in the art and science of architecture. AIA Vermont aspires to increase the public’s knowledge and understanding of the architectural profession, expand the knowledge of all participating in the architectural process and improve the quality of services provided by architectural professionals.

AIAVT Bylaws and Policies

This pdf file includes our current bylaws.

This pdf file includes antitrust guidelines and potential antitrust violations organizations such as AIA must avoid.


AIA Vermont has multiple active committees. 

  • ACX Conference Committee—Eric Lussier, Lisa Rovner, Brian Leet, Claire Gear, Eric Morrow, Catherine Lange, Jamie Wagner.  Meeting Minutes
  • Communications Committee—Joel Page, Chair; Sam Beall, Andrew Schlatter; Web Advisor, Steve Clark.  Meeting Minutes
  • Design Awards Committee—Ward Joyce, Chair; Joel Page (event only), Jeff Stetter Meeting Minutes
  • Energy + the Environment/2030 Challenge Committee—Megan Nedzinski, Chair; Gregor Masefield, Eric Morrow, Jim Williams. Meeting Minutes
  • Emerging Professionals Network (EPN): Catherine Lange, Chair; Michelle Lee

  • Golf Committee—John Dale and Catherine Lange, Co-Chairs; Diem-Chi Nguyen. Meeting Minutes
  • Public Policy Committee—John Alden, Chair; Jesse Beck, Alan Berry, Keith Dewey, Marjorie Dickstein, Bob Duncan, Sandy Vitzthum, Eric Morrow, Megan Nedzinski, Dan Sagan, Gregor Masefield. Meeting Minutes
  • Scholarship Committee— Ward Joyce, Danny Sagan; Co-Chairs, Taryn Barrett Meeting Minutes

Additional members are welcome on committees; contact info@ aiavt.org for more information.