Gov. Shumlin: Vermont Poised To Lead the Nation

By Dick Nelson

"I believe that what you're conferring about today is the solution to our economic troubles," Gov. Peter Shumlin told architects, engineers, and other building professionals gathered at Shelburne Farms earlier this summer for a symposium on sustainable design, energy, and growth.

"These are not 'Gucci' issues anymore," said Shumlin. "They are very real. We have an opportunity to make Vermont an example of how to get it right. I believe we will. I believe we must."
The day-long symposium was presented jointly by AIAVT and CSI-VT. The venue, the renovated Coach Barn at Shelburne Farms, is part of an ongoing makeover of the historic site that will also ultimately include the 20,000 sq. ft. Horse Barn. Based on a design by SAS Architects, that building will add 12,000 new sq. ft. and serve as an international center for conferences aimed at preserving the world's resources. The combined structure is expected to achieve a Platinum LEED rating.
Outside, on the day of the conference, waves crashed against retaining walls, as Lake Champlain continued well above flood stage.
In his introduction, AIAVT President Harry Hunt noted that Shumlin "is the only governor in America who mentioned climate change in his campaign, and the only governor who mentioned climate change in his inaugural address." And Shumlin continued this theme in his opening remarks.
"When I turned on my radio this morning, this is what I heard. There's concern about a double dip recession.  A tornado dropped down in Springfield. Not Springfield, Missouri, Springfield Massachusetts. In Shaftsbury, they got one-and-a-half-inch hail. The temperature dropped 30 degrees in one hour. The Lowell wind project was approved, but opponents want to kill it."
All these issues are interrelated, Shumlin said.
"Here's our challenge: We live in an era where we can't move fast enough (to achieve sustainability). If we take climate change as reality and face it—grow our own food locally, focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy, plan downtowns so we can walk to work—then we won't have these problems."
He said Lake Champlain and Vermont's many rivers and lakes, and its relatively rainy climate, may sometimes seem like a curse, but it can also be a blessing.
"We need to think about where we build our wastewater treatment plants, where we put our septic systems.  The Johnson and Montpelier plants have been underwater and that waste will end up in Lake Champlain." He said housing and urban growth need to be targeted outside flood areas. He also said that this same abundance of water can be used to Vermont's advantage.
"I believe our best agricultural days are not behind us, but ahead of us. We need to grow local. There are 80 million people within 200 miles of Vermont. We can get a piece of the economic prosperity that's going to come when we rethink these things. In the Midwest, the Food Belt is going to dry up. We're going to have the water here in Vermont, so we're going to have a bright agricultural future."
The state's focus on alternative energy sources and energy efficiency are vital to future prosperity, he continued.
"If we can get our energy plan right, we win and the other 49 states are going to be wishing they did what we did.”
Vermont must stress "smart growth," attract development to urban areas, and give careful attention to how its communities integrate homes, open spaces and transportation, he said. The state's design community must also "decide how our buildings can retain our ties to the past while still being relevant for today."
"This conference is very important,” Shumlin concluded. “I don't care so much how many credits you earn for being here. I care if you get this one right."

Dick Nelson is an affiliate member of AIAVT and the publisher of Vermont Builder/Architect.

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