The Importance of Architectural Lighting

ELLE’s softly lit lens surface distributes uniquely comfortable glare-free luminance with lower perceived brightness that ensures visual interest.
Designed to mimic moldings, ELLE is a welcome addition to the architectural lighting toolkit
ELLE’s versatile mounting options for both wall and surface makes elegant lighting simple.
Joints in runs disappear by virtue of the luminaire’s exceptional surface uniformity
Axitune™ delivers simplified color tunable LED control

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Beyond the fundamental need for quality illumination in a space, lighting plays an important role by complementing the architecture and shaping people’s perceptions and experiences.  Light draws attention to textures, colors, and forms of space, helping architecture achieve its purpose. Lighting should both integrate with and enhance the overall building environment. To ensure luminaires achieve these goals and meet building codes, architects and designers often turn to lighting manufacturers’ expertise. Working closely with the manufacturer helps architects and designers understand and select the best lighting solutions for their unique designs. 


Forward thinking manufacturers, like Axis Lighting, push the boundaries of architectural lighting. One example of this is with ELLE™, a streamlined, concave lighting instrument that blends into the space (ELLE video here). As the feathered, esthetic glow plays off surfaces, luminaire and architecture work together and become the lighting system.

Perception of architecture can also be influenced with light by expanding and accentuating rooms, creating links and delineating one area from another. The intensity, color, and placement of light have a powerful influence on how occupants think and feel, and the way volume and depth are perceived.

ELLE’s innovative engineering addresses these challenges. Its rounded form softens while the linearity unifies to differentiate levels, surfaces and ceiling heights. Light can also be used to direct a viewers’ attention towards certain areas of a room. ELLE elevates important design elements, such as doors, alcoves and columns.

Light can evoke a wide array of feelings, playing off other elements to stimulate or calm. ELLE’s curved form is easy on the eyes. It follows the contours of an area and dots the walls, expanding the space while supporting design expression. Elle’s softly lit lens surface distributes uniquely comfortable glare-free luminance with lower perceived brightness that ensures visual interest.

Seamless Elegance

Architecture often requires lighting to seamlessly blend into the space to both complement and define the structure and design of the area. ELLE’s noninvasive curved profile softens the surroundings and follows the contours of any space. The luminaire’s sleek appearance is well suited to forming continuous runs throughout a space, whether it be a room, a floor, or as the lighting theme for an entire building. ELLE’s smooth lens design with hairline joints makes luminaires virtually disappear into the architecture. 

Tunable White Light

A growing body of scholarship has demonstrated the effect of lighting is profound on health and mood. Tunable light allows for changes in light quality, color, and intensity to transform interior spaces. For example, hospitals can benefit from tunable lighting to mimic daylight and help with circadian rhythms. In addition to healthcare, ELLE’s Tunable White is ideal for offices, corporate interiors, retail, and hospitality applications. While ELLE is available as a static CCT option in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K, designers can specify the Tunable White for added control in 2700K – 5000K, or 2700K – 6500K. ELLE offers unlimited possibilities with incredible ease through a simple, two-channel control over color warmth and brightness. Simply select color temperature and dim it. This flexibility allows end-users or designers to tune the light with just a tap of an iPad or smartphone.
Architectural lighting is an important element that dramatically affects the way a building is perceived and the way people feel. ELLE is an ideal solution for architects and designers. Intrigued to learn how ELLE can meet your aesthetic and design goals?

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