Strategic Council's Carbon Literacy Program Published

In her update on her work with the AIA Strategic Council, Diantha Korzun shared the following back in July:

Based on my expertise, I decided to participate in a Carbon Literacy sprint for the first five months on the Council. This was a group of eight that had expertise in the areas of carbon and sustainability.  We were assisted by an AIA board member, an AIA staff member, an  AIA 2030 board member, and an  AIA COTE board member.  The goal was to create a certificate for carbon literacy to help better educate the members so that they can incorporate carbon literacy into their work.  After five months of meetings and intense research, we were able to create a comprehensive carbon curriculum that we then presented to the AIA Board for further development and funding last month. 

Diantha is pleased to announce that AIA national is moving forward with the Carbon Literacy program set forth by the Carbon Literacy group, and shared the product of their hard work: the Strategic Council Carbon Literacy Report