Rolf Kielman Wins 2021 John Dale Award

This award was created in honor of the late John Dale, who dedicated his service to AIAVT for several years and passed away during his term as 2020 president. This peer nomination award recognizes an AIAVT member architect who dedicates their time both to the profession and to their community, and who, like John, is a thoughtful leader, and an advocate for diversity and social equity. 

Rolf Kielman is being recognized for his dedication to his profession and his community. Rolf was nominated by two of his colleagues, who each submitted a narrative describing his work with COTS, the Fleming Museum, the Howard Center Curling Challenge, the Cairns Arena in South Burlington, and the 52 Kids Foundation, a non-profit that "empowers Ugandan children to live positively without aid."

As described by Rolf's colleague at TruexCullins, Cam Featherstonhaugh, "Rolf has been a thoughtful and caring architect and leader in our community for many years, and he continues to be respected and admired by many, including his clients, colleagues, and competitors alike! For many years, Rolf has advocated for better buildings, both in terms of performance *and* social justice. For example, Rolf's work at the King Street Center and with BCA is a testament to his dedication to a community that values art in public life, and also one that values service to underprivileged community members, both of which enrich us all.

Rolf is not just a great Architect, but also a great humanitarian. For the past several years he has been the driving force (and director) of the 52 Kids foundation, a non-profit organization that sponsors the education, empowerment, and employment of 52 children in Uganda, many of whom have now graduated the program and are currently living self-sufficient lives they had only dreamed of previously."

On behalf of the award recipient, AIAVT will make a monetary donation to the charitable organization of their choosing. Rolf has expressed his desire that the $1500 donation go to the 52 Kids Foundation. Learn more abou the foundation here:

Congratulations Rolf on this recognition for all of your generosity, mentorship, and volunteerism.