Offering Pro Bono Services in VT

By Jesse Beck, AIA and Sarah O Donnell
While Vermont does not currently have a Good Samaritan Law that would protect architects who help out in disaster relief cases, AIAVT’s PPC recognizes that our members may want to take on pro bono projects that have the potential to positively impact their neighbors and local communities. With this in mind, the committee would like to provide some of the following resources to AIAVT members:

If you choose not to use the B106 then the PPC advises to have a clear understanding in writing on the scope of services, deliverables, and a hold harmless against any liability with your client. 
As shown by the results of our 2019 Member Survey, the lack of a Good Samaritan Law is front of mind for many members, and came in third in the ranking of Public Policy Issues. The PPC will continue to look for opportunities to push this issue, both at the Statehouse, as well as in our public awareness and community outreach work such as this year’s ACX Design Charrettes.