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AIA strongly supports “Democracy in Design Act’’

Proposed legislation would override an expected Executive Order designating classical architecture as the preferred style for all U.S. federal courthouses and other buildings.

Architecture billings remain in negative territory, begin to stabilize

How to navigate the 2020 job market

AIA Opposes HUD Rollback of Fair Housing Policies

Practice considerations: Manage your architecture firm’s risk in response to COVID-19

What can COVID teach us about climate change?

COVID-19 relief policies: Impacts for architects

COVID-19 resources for architects

Economic & Industry Resources

Earth Day 2020 message

An update on 2020 projections for the nonresidential construction industry

Report on COVID-19 Impacts on Residential Architecture

AIA Releases Guides for Equitable Practice

Increasingly, architects will be called to lead efforts in finding solutions to many of our society’s most pressing issues. To meet these challenges, as well as the unknown ones ahead, we must have the talent, passion, and creativity of a diverse cohort of students, professionals, and leaders.

The Guides for Equitable Practice, done in partnership with the University of Washington and the University of Minnesota, and the American Institute of Architects’ Equity and the Future of Architecture Committee (EQFA), are a vital part of AIA’s long-term commitment to lead efforts that ensure the profession of architecture is as diverse as the nation we serve.

2020 AIA Awards- Regional & Urban Design

The 2020 Regional & Urban Design program recognizes the best in urban design, regional and city planning, and community development. The best planning accounts for the entire built environment, local culture, and available resources—modeling architecture’s promise and true value to communities.

AIA Small Firm Compensation Report

Newly updated for 2020 is the second-ever AIA Small Firm Compensation Report, dedicated to the unique needs and structure of small architecture firms, defined here as those legally structured as sole proprietorships (regardless of number of employees) and architecture firms with fewer than three architectural staff employees.


AIA Compensation Report

It’s the industry’s most comprehensive report on salary and compensation trends and the only one used by the Department of Labor. Get data for 44 firm positions in 28 states, 28 metro areas, and 16 cities, plus a free salary calculator with the AIA Compensation Report.

Women reframe the conversation around equity in architecture

The Women’s Leadership Summit 2019 gave architects and design professionals the space and tools to rethink how they approach growth in their careers.

Design for all requires a culture change in architecture

Holistically embracing accessibility means understanding it as an element of social responsibility.

Making space for the LGBTQIA+ community

A young architect describes how a collaborative design competition is pushing forward an LGBTQIA+ community center for Austin.

Where We Stand: The American Institute of Architects denounces conditions at detention centers

The American Institute of Architects urges local, state, and federal leaders to work together to safeguard the dignity, safety, and welfare of everyone regardless of race, creed, gender, age or national origin in their custody and care at detention facilities.

Five questions with Roman Mars

The creator and host of popular podcast 99% Invisible offers perspective on design, storytelling, and collaboration.

Closing the architecture leadership gender gap

How women are overcoming a mid-career squeeze—and traditional power structures—that inhibit their rise to firm leadership.

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