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Image of Birdseye project, Woodshed Jim Westphalen Photography
gbA Architecture & Planning and McLeod Kredell Architects to Form Alliance
We are pleased to announce an alliance between two award-winning firms, gbA Architecture and Planning and McLeod Kredell Architects. Steve Kredell will join gbA’s partners Gregg Gossens, Tom Bachman, & Diantha Korzun in Montpelier. John McLeod will continue running the Middlebury firm.
Birdseye project named a top 5 finalist for International 7th Annual Architizer A+ Awards
Birdseye, the architecture and building firm located in Richmond, Vermont, has been named a top 5 finalist for the prestigious international 7th Annual Architizer A+ Awards. Their design project, WOODSHED, is a finalist for the Private House 3,000 – 5,000 SF category. Designed as a guest house, the Vermont project is conceptually inspired by the vernacular woodshed, a familiar and iconic element in the rural landscape, and is clad throughout in reclaimed corral board.