Introducing EPN's Tech_Nest

A recent meeting of the Tech_Nest Group (L to R): Eli Maroscher (Duncan Wisnewski); Andres Gutierrez (FFF), Nathalia Ellis (FFF), Bodwe Kashindi, (FFF); Chi Nguyen, (GVV); Ryan Catozzi (FFF); Earl Schrader (Black River Design); Michael Schechner (GVV) ; Beto Silva (FFF).

It’s official! The AIAVT Emerging Professionals Network (EPN) has a new group focused on the technology that is becoming more and more ingrained in the everyday practice of architecture. The Tech_Nest was created to foster communication among VT architecture professionals: licensed, associate, designers, and students. The goal is to bring together forward-thinking Vermont architects and designers to collectively develop skills in current and anticipated software. We aim to create better presentation graphics, use best practices to work more efficiently, and produce high-quality parametric models.  This community offers a place to ask questions and share knowledge, to collaborate and work through problems, and to motivate one another to expand in our knowledge.

In order to reach as many people as possible there is no cost to join this group or to contact us for help, and AIA membership is not required. Our Tech_Nest meetings will be held quarterly. These are informal meetups and discussion groups where attendees can join in-person or virtually and are open to all professionals, emerging professionals, and students. We currently have a small group of young professionals eager to hear from the architecture community.  Have questions about software and programs and don’t know who else to ask? Need a one-on-one tutorial to help increase your efficiency? Want to learn how to develop marketable renderings? Curious about QR Code? Please reach out to us! 

(Information is given on an as-available basis, and understood to be a good-faith volunteer act without warrantee or obligation).  

We love to learn new things too, so please tell us if you’re excited about using a new tech-tool, or have come up with a more efficient process using technology.  We would love to hear from you.      

Contact the AIAVT EPN Director Chi Nguyen at aiavt.ep@