Gordon's Window Decor Reaches the Top at The Treehouse at Spruce Peak

The Treehouse at Spruce Peak

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Stowe holds a special place in most Vermonters’ hearts and here at Gordon’s Window Decor, we are extremely proud to be in so many of the spaces that are considered mainstays of the town. From private residences to offices, to Stowe Mountain Resort, we have been fortunate that so many of our shades found a home in Stowe. So when the opportunity arose to partner with Spruce Peak Realty to provide the shades for The Treehouse at Spruce Peak, we were absolutely thrilled.

As noted on thetreehousesprucepeak.com, “The Treehouse at Spruce Peak connects you to the ultimate four-season Green Mountain playground and serves as the perfect home base for adventure enthusiasts who love all things Vermont.” Of course, one of the best ways to have a space feel connected to the surroundings is with windows, and there are A LOT of windows highlighting the beauty that is the Green Mountains. With windows come the practical considerations of privacy, light control, temperature control, ease of use, etc. We love partnering with our clients to dial in the right solutions for their specific needs. 

TruexCullins brought us into the project early on in order to ensure that the shading package blended seamlessly with their vision. After reviewing the wants, needs, and aesthetics of The Treehouse, we decided that motorized EcoSmart roller shades with a high-tech fabric that is made out of 85% recycled material was the right choice ethically and aesthetically for the project.

With the push of a button, the residents of The Treehouse can easily lower their shades to stop the glare or snuggle in for a family movie night. They can just as easily push the button to raise the shades on a beautiful bluebird day to let the light pour in. Because most of the shades are recessed into pre-built pockets when the shades are raised, they practically disappear, leaving uninterrupted views. 

We find projects to be most successful when we partner with the architect early in the process. That early partnership makes sure that details like wiring, pocket sizes and placements, and product configuration are all thoughtfully integrated. If you have a project that requires high-quality, Vermont-made window covering solutions please feel free to reach out to our expert Commercial Representative, Frank McHenry at frankm@ gordonswd.com.


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