Ethan Nutting Awarded AIAVT "Best in Show" Award for Norwich Thesis Project

Each year the Board of Directors of the Vermont Chapter of the American Institute of Architects selects a AIAVT Norwich University Thesis Design Awardee. This year the Board of Directors chose Ethan R. Nutting, M.Arch graduate from the School of Architecture + Art. His project -- Bioclimatic and Regional Design: An Architectural Approach to Ecological Conservation in Vermont was cited by members of the board for being relevant and timely.

The Board appreciated the design connection between the environment and architecture; and stated the presentation “boards were logical and easy to follow.” They cited the strength of the project from parti design/conception to detail/execution stating it was a “beautiful project which was masterfully presented.” This prestigious and nationally recognized award is accompanied by $500. Congratulations goes to Ethan on receiving this honor.

From Ethan's Presentation:

Bioclimatic design not only reduces the impact of buildings themselves but allows for environmental integration and the ability to adapt to their surroundings. The architecture can demonstrate Vermont’s passion and appreciation for environmental stewardship and conservation by considering regional influences that in turn contribute to its design and functionality. The interaction between architecture and Vermont’s natural environment will help raise awareness about global warming and the importance of ecosystemic preservation. This awareness will promote a strong connection between the occupants and nature while minimizing the resources and energy used by the building itself. The architecture with its site integration will tell a story of land stewardship, fish and wildlife preservation, and the importance of practicing sustainable environmental exploration. The subliminal and biophilic design strategies that the building will feature will ask occupants to consider their role within nature and how to actively sustain life in an economic and environmentally friendly manner.