EPN Announces New Resources for Young Professionals

The AIAVT Board of Directors has discussed ways to support our Emerging Professionals while also offering networking opportunities to connect the next generation of Vermont Architects with seasoned professionals in the field. 

The Emerging Professionals Network is working on updating our Study Materials Library with NCARB approved study guides, flashcards, mock exams, and more. EPN members can request to borrow study materials by emailing our Executive Director. Please see the current list of study materials here. While we will be purchasing a collection of new materials to add to the existing library of study materials, we would also like to offer some of the many great resource books that are listed in the references matrix in the ARE 5.0 Guidelines found here. If you have any of these books that you no longer have use for and would be willing to donate to AIAVT, we would greatly appreciate your support! 

Alongside a materials library, EPN has also set up a new virtual program called Study Spaces which connects EP’s studying for exam divisions via an online collaboration room where members can chat, send emails, ask questions and share resources in preparation for taking the AREs. If you or someone you know is interested in joining a Study Space, please email the EPN Director at aiavt.ep@ gmail.com

We are excited to announce a new event titled Mentor for a Day which is an event designed to give those with a specific area of expertise the opportunity to share their knowledge and to facilitate an open platform where others can ask questions and learn about topics they are interested in. This event is open to all professionals, emerging professionals, and students. We are currently in the process of recruiting guest Mentors to kick off this pilot event. 

Professional Practice Mentor:

Open to those who have knowledge of running an architecture firm, whether as a Principal or a Partner in the business. We welcome those who are currently practicing as well as retired individuals. Ideally, we would have representatives from a small firm, a medium size firm, and a large firm.

New Software & Technologies Mentor:

Open to those who are working with new and innovative software that you believe is essential to the future of how we practice. We welcome licensed and unlicensed persons with experience in digital materials libraries, BIM, rendering, energy modeling etc.

The pilot Mentor for a Day event is scheduled for Thursday, September 29th from 4-6pm. Please keep an eye out for additional details, which will be shared soon. 

Interested in joining the EPN and/ or taking part in any of the above activities? E-mail Chi at aiavt.ep@ gmail.com