AIAVT's Issue Briefs

Your AIAVT Public Policy Committee (PPC) has been creating AIA formatted “issue briefs”, or informally called position papers, for a number of years. An Issue Brief is used when a specific topic requiring action is identified and a communication tool is needed to disseminate and lobby for change. They are meant to be factual, educational, and succinct with key points and action sought with just enough explanation and justification to get the issue across.

Currently our Chapter has written and distributed a series of issue briefs and is working on identifying others.

Here are a few issue briefs and their links:

  1. Position on the work of the Vt Climate Council - The Climate Council was created in 2020 by Act 153 and this is a call to action for Architects to get involved.
  2. Registration, Certification, and/or Licensure of Home Improvement Contractors – This urges the Legislature to enact a statute to protect homeowners and implement “light’ regulations for residential contractors.
  3. Vt Law Requires a licensed Design Professional for all Commercial Building Projects - Many small commercial projects are being done by unlicensed entities and are being reviewed accepted by regulating officials.
  4. Architects in local Governance encourages cities, towns and municipalities to strongly consider employing architects for their departments.
  5. Statute of Repose - Our long term fight to establish a repose statute to protect design professionals for unlimited liability.

The Public affairs committee meets monthly, is open to having more participants, and hearing of your concerns leading to additional Issue Briefs. Please contact our Chair John Alden or myself if you are interested.

Written by

Jesse Beck, AIA, NCARB