Ventilation 2.0 - For Multifamily and Commercial Buildings

Date: 4/16/19 8:30 AM
Location: Burlington VT

Presenter: Mike Woolsey, CPHD – Business Development Manager for SWEGON & NAPHN Ambassador

This workshop will cover the following subjects:

- Decentralized DOAS Design: Dedicated Outside Air Systems Benefits and Components

- Ventilating the Passive House Project

- Passive House Ventilation: Humidity Considerations in Multifamily Residential Buildings

- Passive House Ventilation: Cooling with Ventilation Air

Each segment of the workshop will present a particular case study.

The workshop will conclude with a deep dive on some Passive House reference projects:

- A fire station

- A laboratory

- A car dealership

- A college dorm

- A multifamily project

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand the basics of energy recovery air handlers

2. Recognize the value of energy recovery in Passive House ventilation

3. Explore the unique cooling opportunities and humidity control issues in Passive House projects

4. Gain awareness of trends in Passive House design through exploration of five case studies.

With very tight and well insulated structures, ventilation becomes an increasingly important element in

both energy efficiency and Indoor Air Quality for the health and productivity of buildings’ occupants.

$99 General Admission
$88 VTPH Members
Lunch Included
50% Tuition from BED available by filling form
Registration Deadline: Sunday 4/14/2019

This course is approved by AIA for 6.0 LU |HSW

Contact: Enrique Bueno
Email: ebueno@