New Sustainability Ideas in Architecture | The 4th Corner Foundation

Four long-established architects will explore recent projects that contain innovative ideas in the integration of high conservation and alternate energy solutions with real world conditions and constraints. Roc Caivano in Maine converted a military base brick building to a state of the art research facility. Lawrence Linder Louisiana has created a generic housing type that can restore urban street fronts broken by parking lots, increasing density, and be aloof from flooding. Robert Shannon in New Mexico has combined a new type of SIPS panel with aerated-autoclaved concrete exterior panels and solar air collectors to produce 3 residential structures. Dan Scully in New Hampshire has restored a 19th century mansion designed by Peabody and Stern into a carbon neutral future.
Each will discuss their projects (which will be also presented on the gallery walls from 8/20/9/10) with Q&A, and then a reception with food and drink will follow.
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A free event sponsored by the foundation.