Middlebury College Presents: ARCHITECTURE FOR ALL A week-long symposium focusing on the ways in which architecture serves us all

Date: 4/22/24 4:30 PM
Website: sites.middlebury.edu/architectureforall/
Location: Middlebury, VT

“Architecture for All” means that everyone, everywhere, deserves architecture. It means that architecture is not a luxury or a privilege, reserved for the few, the wealthy, or the cognoscenti, but belongs to all of humanity. It means that there is a way to practice architecture that can benefit all, in all corners of society, including the overlooked and underserved. It truly means for all: all people, all places, all prices, all programs (as functions are called in architectural terminology).

The architects participating in this symposium range from the internationally known to the locally active. They all practice architecture in ways that challenge conventions and stereotypes. They create buildings with modest materials, for clients on shoestring budgets. They make dignified spaces that are open and accessible to everyone. They bring architecture to utilitarian structures and to remote places. They teach and inspire. They build alongside volunteers. In short, they practice architecture in ways that give back, rather than take from, and in ways that honor place and people, instead of self.

Architecture is not a privilege, it’s a right.

The presentations and Johnson renovation tour are all free and open to the public.

Contact: Middlebury College
Email: broucke@ middlebury.edu