Immersion Vermont Master Class

What does it mean to design for a specific place? What is embedded in the term “Contextually Responsive Design”?
Is this an empty phrase to be tossed in the scrap pile alongside “appropriate design” “sustainable” and “green,” or can it serve as a more specific guide for action? 
What are the ramifications of the term for building performance, or material conservation and use, or for construction methodologies, site selection, or orientation? 
Equally important to consider, what does contextually responsive design say about patterns of habitation and navigation?
What does it mean to create architecture, and an experience of architecture that is intrinsically connected to and inseparable from its site?
These are the central questions we will begin with and hope to address during the IMMERSION.
Through direct investigation formal discussion and intensive experimentation we will try to carve a new way of understanding and responding to the context.
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