HVAC for Modern Low-Load Homes

Modern homes that meet Vermont’s energy code (or better) often don’t need a traditional furnace or boiler to meet heating requirements, yet many new homes still end up with equipment double the size needed. This session is designed for builders, architects, and contractors, and covers new and proven technologies that we’re seeing in the field, based on our work with hundreds of homes in Vermont each year. In addition to the latest in cold climate minisplits, we’ll cover air-to-water heat pumps, biomass, and other innovative right-sized options, plus a handful of no- or low-cost design guidelines that can help “future-proof” the home’s ability for the next generation of HVAC systems.
Location: Efficiency Vermont AT Classroom, 128 Lakeside Ave, Burlington VT
We are currently applying for BPI and AIA credits for this course. 
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Allison Fode afode@veic.org