Humans at Work: Where Progressive Firm Cultures and Policies Intersect

Humans at Work Where Progressive Firm Cultures and Policies Intersect

Date: 10/3/23 4:00 PM
Location: Virtual

Hosted by the AIA Young Architects Forum

Achieving a more diverse workforce requires firms to be deliberate and take measurable actions. A lack of diversity in architecture can be a self-perpetuating cycle that reinforces unconscious biases. A diverse and inclusive workplace is one that makes everyone, regardless of who they are or what they do for the business, feel equally involved in and supported in all areas of the workplace. Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging has evolved from a "nice-to-have" to a mission-critical component for organizations to progress and stay competitive in the global market.

In this session, attendees will hear from representatives from a diverse group of architecture firm sizes and practices who will share their experiences successfully implementing inclusive and equitable firm policies such as salary transparency, inclusive firm policies for LGBTQ+ folks, equitable and inclusive parental leave, and support for early career professionals. Panelists will share their insights in why consideration for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging and the needs of individuals is imperative for architects and their communities. This session will have ample Q&A time, allowing for attendees to engage with the panelists. Hosted by the Young Architects Forum (YAF).

Learning objectives
Learn ways to foster an inclusive work culture and understand the value of diversity to an organization.
Learn about the importance for increased diversity and inclusion in the architecture profession and in the leadership of the firm organizations to drive meaningful change impacting employees’ health, safety, and welfare.
Identify opportunities for firms to remain relevant, foster innovation, come up with better solutions for the communities they serve, and improve their bottom line by creating a culture that fosters diversity in architecture.
Be inspired to take action and advocate for inclusive and equitable firm policies to promote a sense of belonging for its employees.

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