Home Building Crossroads: Strategy to Process - Roofs

Home Building Crossroads Strategy to Process - Roofs

Date: 6/17/21 3:00 PM
Website: huber.zoom.us
Location: Webinar

Home Building Crossroads provides residential home construction professionals a chance to discuss challenges and hear solutions from today’s leading experts, as well as network with other professionals from their region. The educational webinar series, featuring Steve Baczek of Steve Baczek Architects and Peter Yost of Building-Wright, focuses on different regions and climate zones to provide single-family residential building knowledge.
This course features a leading high-performance residential architect and building scientist who tag-team to reveal just how to design, specify, and construct roof systems that are safe, healthy, and durable. After laying out the building science principles that apply to roof assemblies, architectural details and job-site photos are used to drive home high performance in all types of roof assemblies: vented (attic and cathedral); unvented (attic and cathedral); low slope; and the impact of roof cladding types. Both speakers will focus on continuity of the four control layers in roof assemblies: water, air, vapor, and thermal. A final key aspect of this course is tuning roof assemblies to the climates we have across the United States, from cold-and-wet to hot-and-dry.
Designed for builders, contractors, code officials, HERS raters, architects, and channel partners, this event will offer one and a half (1.5) health, safety, and wellness (HSW) CE learning unit. If you are looking for AIA/CEU credits please be sure to include your AIA# on the registration page.

Contact: Anna Farrar
Email: anna.farrar@ huber.com