An Introduction to Sustainability and Historic Preservation

June 2-3, 2016 Blow-Me-Down Farm Saint-Gaudens NHS, Cornish, NH
Sponsored by the Preservation Education Institute, Historic Windsor, Inc. and Saint- Gaudens National Historic Site and the Historic Preservation Training Center, US National Park Service with funding from the Historic Preservation Education Fund 
Two-day intensive course includes instruction, lunch, breaks and one dinner.
Course Description:
There is much to be learned from traditional building practice to inform how we make older buildings energy efficient and sustainable. An existing building has an existing system and the integration of new systems into that existing system must be done carefully to prevent unintended consequences such as moisture build up and accelerated decay. This course will look at where sustainable building practice and historic preservation intersect compatibly and where they collide.
Who Should Attend?
  • Contractors   Building Craft and Tradespeople
  • Architects     Engineers
  • Facilities managers and maintenance staff
  • Developers   Preservationists

What will you learn?
  • Describe five ways in which traditional building practice was and continues to be sustainable.
  • Advise historic property owners on the pros and cons of various methods for insulation and on health considerations of some decisions.
  • Explain in priority order repairs and installations that will improve a building’s thermal efficiency from roofing to glazing.
  • Take into account life cycle analysis for a building’s proposed energy upgrades. 

This course is registered with the AIA CES program for 15 AIA HSW Learning Units
Cost: $205 or $185 for members of Historic Windsor, Inc. and government agency staff. 
To register online visit:
For course questions or to register off-line, please contact Judy L. Hayward (802)674 6752  Historic Windsor, Inc./Preservation Education Institute PO Box 21 Windsor, VT 05089-0021
Scholarship assistance for tuition and travel is available for Federal Agency Staff on a first come first served basis- Contact:  Sarah Polzin 
Nancy E. Boone served for over 30 years in the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation, most recently as State Architectural Historian and Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer. During her tenure, she secured grants for a number of major projects including a seminal study on the energy performance of restored windows and the first volunteer statewide barn inventory in the United States. For three years, she taught an online course, Sustainable Design and Preservation for the Boston Architectural College. She also served on the adjunct faculty of the University of Vermont’s graduate program in historic preservation for a total of seven years. She is currently the Federal Preservation Officer for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  
John Gilbert worked for the National Park Service (NPS) as a “preservation specialist” (laborer) for a preservation group out of Boston, MA that repaired and restored historic building in national parks throughout the northeastern United States after graduating from college. He discovered that he very much enjoyed working on old buildings. He had worked seasonally at Saint-Gaudens NHS during college and returned to work at Saint-Gaudens permanently as an “historic preservation maintenance specialist,” becoming Facility Manager in 1984. John transferred to Vermont’s first and only national park – Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP - in 1996 as the Facility Manager, and has been there ever since. While working for the NPS, he has become involved in historic preservation on a regional and national level. He was involved in the beginning of “PAST” (Preservation and Skills Training Program), the North Atlantic Region’s Historic Preservation Maintenance Skills Certification Program, and has been teaching historic preservation for the NPS, and outside the NPS for the Preservation Education Institute for more than 20 years. 
Andrew Shapiro, President of Energy Balance, Inc., has provided high performance building energy analysis, design and monitoring consulting services for 30 years to a wide variety of clients, including owners, architects, engineers, builders, housing developers, universities, businesses and efficiency programs. He provides guidance and technical expertise along the path of conceptualization, design, construction, commissioning and post occupancy assessment, for optimizing environmental impact of the building, indoor environmental quality, operating and maintenance costs and building durability. He works with new and existing buildings, from single family homes up to larger institutional buildings.  He is also the Director of Science and Engineering Education for the Vermont Energy Education Program, bringing along energy literacy of the next generation.
For more information:  Contact Judy L. Hayward (802) 674-6752
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