AIANE Friendly Firm Survey

AIANE Friendly Firm Survey

Date: 9/14/21 12:06 PM
Location: New England Wide

The 2021 Emerging Professional Friendly Firm Survey is officially open!

At least one emerging professional and at least one firm principal should sit down and fill out the following survey together. The emerging professional should have a strong understanding of firm policies and a working knowledge of their peers status with NCARB’s AXP program. The following questions are intended to be the framework and documentation of that conversation. Please allow approximately one hour to complete the survey.

In order for the survey results to be valid, one firm principal and one emerging professional will provide their contact and firm information at the end of the survey. One submission per firm.

The survey will close on October 14, 2021 at 8 pm.


An Emerging Professional (EP) is defined by the AIA as the diverse group of individuals who are recently licensed or moving along various points on the path to licensure. This includes students, recent graduates, candidates on the path to licensure, and architects licensed 10 years or less. For this survey, consider a recent graduate as an individual within zero to two years of receiving a degree.

2021 Emerging Professional Friendly Firm Survey:

Contact: Caitlin Osepchuk
Email: yafnewengland@