A&D Film Series: Vanish

Date: 2/21/24 6:00 PM
Website: adfilmseries.org
Location: Brattleboro, Burlington (no virtual screening)

February 21, 2024 | Doors 6pm, Screening 6:30pm
Live at Contois Auditorium, Burlington & 118 Elliot, Brattleboro
***No Virtual Screening Available***
Directed by Jim Westphalen
2023, USA, 80 Minutes

*Guest Speaker (Burlington Venue): Jim Westphalen, Director

A compelling story of past and present, Vanish chronicles the “visual preservation” adventures of photographer, Jim Westphalen, as he travels across the country seeking out and creating stunning imagery of America’s disappearing rural structures. Equal parts art, history and seat of the pants storm chasing, road-trip with Westphalen as he races against time and the unrelenting elements to capture the extraordinary beauty of aging barns, one room schoolhouses, grain elevators, prairie churches and all the classic structures that our country’s rural heritage was built upon. Though many of these evocative relics will eventually surrender to the elements, this film captures the passionate people who strive and struggle to save these gems, revealing stories of dreams, loss and hope.

Contact: AD Film Series
Email: adfilmseries@ gmail.com