2015 AIAVT Excellence in Architecture Design Awards

the 2015 Call for Entries  

Bread Loaf Corporation of Middlebury and Fradkin & McAlpin Architects

The Nicole Goodner MacFarlane Science, Technology & Innovation Center at Landmark College

Honor Award: Large Project

Jury comments: Simple massing and an elegant composition, presenting carefully ordered but slightly different faces to the public and private domains. The different interpretations of the traditional arcade on the two main facades are both interesting and effective.

Gossens Bachman Architects of Montpelier

Co-op Plaza Redevelopment, Brattleboro

Merit Award: Large project

Jury Comments: A modest project that uses the new building to remediate an urban condition – the urban gesture is subtle and effective. The materials, colors and composition of the façade acknowledge the existing context and break down the scale of the new intervention.

Birdseye Design of Richmond

Champlain Modern, Shelburne

Honor Award: Medium Project

Jury comments: A well-ordered plan that plays the 45 degree wall against the right angle with great care and evident skill – there are no awkward corners. The house expresses less ‘Champlain Modern’ than Arts and Crafts, with a richness of detail that recalls Frank Lloyd Wright’s sense of material ornament.

Ryall Porter Sheridan Architects of New York, NY

Guilford Sound Artists Residence, Guilford

Honor Award: Medium Project

Jury comments:  A very beautiful project - simply planned, well-crafted and extraordinarily responsive to program and site. The integration with the landscape is sensitive and contemporary at the same time.

Vermont Integrated Architecture, P.C. of Middlebury

Writer's Studio, Cornwall

Honor Award: Small Project

Jury Comments: An existing building, skillfully restored around a wonderful interior space that has been transformed with imagination, ingenuity and technical virtuosity. The new hardware associated with the sliding mezzanine is simple, thoughtful, familiar but clearly innovative, and even playful. The project is marked by a high level of consistency between language and imagination.

Harry Hunt Architects of Stowe

Simple House, Stowe

Honor Award: Small Project

Jury Comments: Beautifully composed – a simple and familiar form enriched with a contemporary covered wrap-around gallery that provides shade from the sun and extends the space of the house. Very convincing, revealing a high level of design control from the interior to the exterior.

Elizabeth Herrmann architecture + design of Bristol

microHOUSE, Huntington

Citation: Small Project

Jury Comments: A simple experiment in idiosyncratic design at the small-scale. Finely tailored to program and site, and playful in the use of color and form to relate function to space and views.

Bear Island Design Assembly organized by McLeod Kredell Architects of Middlebury and Marvel Architects

Island Compost Commons, North Haven, ME

Honor Award:  Extra-Small

Jury Comments: A special design-build project that belongs in a separate category – small in scale but beautifully crafted. A fine example of community engagement marked by good design and careful attention to the craft of building. The entire process was collaborative and participatory, and the result is beautiful.

TruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design of Burlington

King Street Community Center, Burlington

People's Choice Award

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The Jury

Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) members graciously served as jury for AIAVT’s design awards this year. They met at McGill University School of Architecture to select the awards:

David Covo (Chair) FRAIC OAQ
Associate Professor and Past Director of the School of Architecture at McGill University and practitioner.

Claude Provencher FRAIC OAQ
Founding Partner of Provencher Roy Architecture.

Stephane Rasselet OAQ
Founding Partner of Nature Humaine Architecture.