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2010 AIAVT Excellence in Architecture Design Awards

Photography: Carol Stenberg
rustic stone and plaster residence with wood doors, trim and columns

Maclay Architects of Waitsfield

River House, Moretown

Honor Award

Michael Ellis Builder

A net-zero energy residence located in Moretown.

The jury said it was struck by the choice of rugged, natural building materials and thought the “ground-hugging building form” was “elegantly situated” on the Mad River edge site.

Photography: Gary R. Hall
multi-story glass and steel facade along a river bank

Gossens Bachman Architects of Montpelier

NAMCO Block in Windsor

Honor Award

E F Wall & Associates

Renovation of an 85,000-square-foot structure built in the 1920s for NAMCO Factory worker-housing.

The jury said, “It’s tough to make an aesthetic project, while engaging exceptional performance, on a tight budget.” The jury felt the architects had done just that, while also “hitting all the bases” in terms of “historic preservation, ecology and affordability.

Photography: Jim Westphalen
arch roofed, wood sided building

Maclay Architects of Waitsfield

The Putney School Field House in Putney

Honor Award

DEW Corporation

A net-zero energy building that serves as an interactive social, exercise and recreation hub at the heart of the School’s campus.

The jury said the collaborative design process, which included faculty, administrators and students, specifically impressed the panel. The building team’s goals for sustainability were also exceptional, with a 37 kW photovoltaic array, which allows it to annually produce more energy than it uses.


Photography: Gary R. Hall
multi-story glass curtain wall interior

Black River Design, Architects of Montpelier

The Courtyard at Given, UVM, Burlington

Merit Award

Engelberth Construction

A project constructed within an enclosed court yard, connecting two, four-story wings of the University of Vermont College of Medicine’s Given Building.

The jury commended the architects for the “elegant arrangement of interior planes, space and connecting bridges that clearly add to the building as a whole.

Photography: Gary R. Hall
glass cube connecting two shed buildings

Gossens Bachman Architects of Montpelier

Riverfront Office Buildings in Montpelier

Merit Award

Connor Contracting & Gendron Contracting

The firm’s own workspace.

The jury praised the “simple and exciting resolution” that was achieved on a modest budget. The diversity of design and construction materials was felt by the panel to create an inspirational working environment.

Photography: Gary R. Hall
stone and plaster shed roof residence with large glass areas and steel decks

Gossens Bachman Architects of Montpelier

Private Residence in Windsor County


Merit Award

Ennis Construction


The Jury described it as having a “simple, elegant and inventive plan with engaging building form.” GBA's main goal in the design had been to create an “inside-outside” connection and use many local materials, including red slate and maple.

Photography: Samuel M. Purvis IV
simply detailed glass, wood and steel interior

Three River Design Group LLC of Woodstock

Three River Design Group Offices in Woodstock



Honorable Mention


Self-constructed office space.

The jury was impressed by the lovely and functional space built on a minimal budget, which evidenced the firm’s creativity and craftsmanship.

large gable roof house entirely of concrete with wood framed glass

Sellers & Co. Architects

Archie Bunker


Honorable Mention

The jury selected this project for its delivery of “raw excitement” and irresistible “bravado and exuberance." The structure reflects the work of two Sellers-led concrete-building classes as well as the work of the firm, everyone doing, as Sellers put it, “just what they wanted,” unguided by documentation.

Photography: Jim Westphalen
simply detailed glass, wood and steel exterior

Truex Cullins Architecture and Interior Design of Burlington


Maltex in Burlington


People's Choice Award

This selection was made by the general public viewing all Entries in Burlington.


The Jury

Building type categories were ignored by the Jury, three members of the AIA Western Massachusetts Chapter, Bruce Coldham, Erin Nunes Cooper and Martha Montgomery. The jury made its choices assuming sustainable design practices were a base requirement for selection. It commented that more information indicating the integration of energy conserving features may have helped many entries.

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