AIANE Names New Officers & Representatives

Joel Page, then secretary of AIAVT, attended the AIANE Conference and Awards event on behalf of our chapter.
Tours of Portsmouth, N.H. were offered as part of the AIANE Conference
Photos: Caroline Morel
The AIANE Regional Council, which consists of New England AIA Component presidents, executive directors, Council officers, and representatives from other AIA membership groups, recently named new officers and representatives at the AIANE Annual Meeting in Portsmouth, New Hampshire last fall. Officers for 2018 are: Alan Lagocki of AIA Connecticut, president; Paul Bourbeau of AIA New Hampshire, president-elect; Helen Fantini of AIA Western Massachusetts, secretary-treasurer; and Vada Seccareccia  of AIA Rhode Island, immediate past president.
The Council meets four times a year and is responsible for providing effective engagement with  AIA National, enabling regional leadership development, and supporting shared interests and benefits among the state and local components.  Joel Page, AIAVT’s then secretary, represented our chapter at the meeting, which was followed by the AIANE Design Awards and Conference.
“AIANE is the organization that helps Vermont to have a voice at the AIA National table,” said Page. “As a new face at the meeting, I was struck by the commitment of the other board members and the broad scope of work. The Council is dedicated to making sure the New England region is represented at National in areas including strategic planning and governing. The group is also active in the development of young professionals at multiple career stages and in recognizing Fellows and their significant achievements.”
Two AIANE Regional Council members are representatives on the AIA Strategic Council: Rich Connell of AIA Connecticut and Judy Johnson of AIA Maine. Hilary Barlow of BSA was appointed a Strategic Council representative to begin in 2019, after Connell completes his term. The AIA Strategic Council is charged with surveying the evolving climate of the profession, engaging in strategic planning that informs the overall goals of the Institute, and informing the Board of Directors and other Institute bodies about important professional issues and opportunities.
Katelyn Chapin of AIA Connecticut was named as the new Young Architects Regional Director to the Young Architects Forum for 2018-2019.  The YAF addresses issues of particular importance to recently licensed architects.
Stephanie Herring is the current (2017-2018) Regional Associates Director to the AIA National Associates Committee, representing and advocating for associates, both mainstream and non-traditional, in the region and giving that community a strong voice within the AIA.
Nancy Ludwig ,FAIA, BSA was named earlier this year as a New England College of Fellows representative, taking over for Peter Kuttner, FAIA, and joining Glen Gregg, FAIA, Connecticut. The AIA College of Fellows seeks to stimulate a sharing of interests among Fellows, promote the purposes of the Institute, advance the profession of architecture, and mentor young architects.
John Robinson of AIA Western Mass.  is completing his service on the AIA Resilience and Disaster Assistance Committee. AIA will be appointing a new representative from New England later this fall. The committee assists AIA chapters and members in preparing to help communities following natural disasters and in working with jurisdictions and the larger disaster-response community.
Steve Kredell of AIA Vermont is stepping down as the New England representative on the AIA Small Firm Roundtable. The board selected Michael Lassell of AIA Maine as his successor. The Small Firm Roundtable works to advance the mutual interests of architects practicing in small firms.
Thanks to all who have—and are currently—giving their time and expertise to further the AIA New England mission. If you are interested in becoming involved with the AIA New England Council, please contact Vada Seccareccia,