Regenerative Design: Building Community Resilience From the Ground Up

Date: 8/5/19 09:00 AM
Location: Craftsbury, VT

Regeneration is the process by which potential is moved into existence. Life is regenerative by nature, always moving towards higher degrees of order, complexity, and diversity. Regenerative design therefore focuses on building the capacity of a system to first realize and then actualize its inherent potential. Yet, it is as much about developing the regenerative capability and potential of oneself and one’s team as it is about developing those qualities in projects and communities. Health and well-being are a process of reaching ever greater potential in dynamic balance with the greater whole. In other words, it is a state in which self-actualization is tied to system-actualization. The nestedness of living systems- organ, human, family, community, ecosystem, planet- is such that health and well-being are interdependent across all scales. If humans are to be agents of our own evolution, and enablers of the evolution we seek in the world, we must catalyze the field of potential in a co-creative, regenerativ

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