Building Enclosure Assemblies: Optimizing Thermal Performance, Air and Vapor Control

Building Enclosure Assemblies Optimizing Thermal Performance Air and Vapor Control

Date: 9/14/22 7:30 AM


Location: Winooski

Come learn how to design a building enclosure that will stand the test of time. Dive into case studies for different wall and roof assemblies and learn their pros and cons. Discuss how to revise assemblies when specific materials are not available or cost-prohibitive, and see some ideas for cost-effective assemblies that will meet the next version of RBES.

Learning Objectives:
1. Be able to describe the differences between bulk water, thermal, air and vapor control layers in a building assembly
2. Assess the pitfalls of poor enclosure assemblies and the advantages of good enclosure design
3. Optimize the incorporation of thermal, air and vapor control layers into wood frame building assemblies

Presented by Karen Bushey and Tim Yandow
AIA credit pending approval

Contact: Bryn Oakleaf

Email: boakleaf@